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Good Night & God Bless began as a hobby for one of us, Trish Clark. She first discovered the hospitality of (usually nuns) in convents, retreat houses and monasteries in the 1970s. She was delighted with the welcome she received at a convent guesthouse by the Spanish Steps in Rome and felt lots more people should know about these places.

Trish found them a most enjoyable experience partly because the welcome is warm, the environment secure and spiritually enriching, the facilities more than good in the simplest way and prices were so reasonable. But she also discovered their needs.

Trish made friends with many of the Sisters, Monks and Friars managing the hospitality and she realized that visitors were essential to the survival of these places steeped in history, soaked in spirituality and always charming.

So, she set about cataloging where she had been and then searching out the many other sites and locations across the world. That led to several books which you can see and buy on the home page of www.goodnightandgodbless.com

A family friend, Fr. Michael Kelly SJ, helped Trish with publishing her first books. He has been in Catholic media work for over 30 years and has led www.ucanews.com from Bangkok since 2009.

Trish was already online with the site you are now visiting. But often the very existence of the site and the books led to multiple enquiries from travelers looking for more information and for advice about how to go about booking.

As Fr. Kelly was well aware of the need that travelers and Christian pilgrims have. He learnt this through his present and earlier work as a pastor, publisher and media commentator because people have often approached him in Asia and Australia about religious houses to stay at.

Then Fr. Kelly got together a small team to respond to this opportunity – web developers, media people and others with experiences of these sites especially in Europe. And, so the plan started to take shape and now we have the site and the booking platform.

From the start, our team has recognized that we are promoting not-for-profit religious locations providing accommodation. So, we said to ourselves that our service need to reflect the underpinning values of those whose facilities we are promoting. And we are not for profit too.

But this service comes at cost – the site and its maintenance, management of bookings, engagement with travelers looking for more information. To meet these costs, we have come to an agreement with all those whose properties we promote to receive a small rebate for any bookings made through our site.

Should that rebate return to us more than we need, we have agreed to give the surplus away to charities serving especially travelers at greatest risk – refugees and asylum seekers.


Monastery accommodation for pilgrims and tourists. An invaluable online guide for travelers who want to stray off the well-trodden tourist path.
An online destination for modern-day pilgrims and budget travelers of those who seek unique experiences in the convents and monasteries around the world.

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